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Committee Meetings

Cumnock Village Preschool is run by an elected Management Committee. It is the responsibility of the committee to employ the Preschool staff and oversee the running of the organisation. Cumnock Village Preschool is government funded, but this funding does not fully cover the running costs of the Preschool. The Preschool Committee aim to keep our fee structure as low as possible to make preschool as accessible as possible to all members of our small rural community. However without help and active involvement from parents, this is not possible. We encourage parents to participate in the fundraising projects for the preschool and to bring family and friends along to the functions as the funds raised directly benefit all children attending preschool.

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The Preschool Management Committee meet monthly. The AGM is held in March each year. This is when Executive Committee Members are elected. Attendance at such meetings or taking a role on the committee gives parents an opportunity to meet new people and extend their life skills and experiences in helping run the preschool. Confidentiality is a necessity if you wish to become a committee member.


Duties of the committee:


  • To set fees

  • To hire staff

  • To approve payment of accounts

  • To see that rules and regulations set by ECEC are adhered to

  • To oversee the preschool and ensure that all aims are being met

  • To organise fundraising events


There are executive positions on the Management Committee to be filled each year, so if you are interested, please make yourself known.


Current 2020 Committee Members:

President – Jill Brodie

Vice President – Megan Peffer & Sally Butler

Secretary – Belinda Keniry

Treasurer – Alicia Irons

Maintenance Officer – Jocelyn Reynolds

Community Officer - Carly Roberts

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