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Our Philosophy

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As Educators...


  • We develop and encourage nurturing relationships with children offering consistent emotional support, trust and guidance

  • We assist the children to develop the skills and understandings they need to interact positively with others. We treat all children equally and challenge any biases

  • We honour, celebrate and incorporate different cultures including Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islanders

  • We promote ongoing learning by reflective practices

  • We gain insights in to the children's learning enabling us to support, inform and enrich their decision making

  • We believe a child's learning is a strength based practice

  • We build each child's strengths, skills and knowledge ensuring motivation and encouragement in learning

  • We use critical reflection to assess all processes used in the centre

  • We ensure that we meet the needs of all involved children, their families and the wider community


We Encourage...


  • The children to develop respectful, secure and reciprocal relationships

  • To learn to persevere, take risks and show empathy

  • To value collaboration, teamwork and interdependence as learners

  • We develop collaborative relationships with our families as they are the most significant educators of the children

  • By doing this, we ensure that the curriculum is meaningful for each child


We Believe...


  • Positive relationships between educators and parents lead to effective relationships with the child

  • We develop the children's capacities to succeed regardless of diverse circumstances, abilities and learning styles

  • We work collaboratively with outside organisations, including the school and health clinics

  • Our community enables our preschool to run effectively, efficiently and ultimately flourish

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