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At Cumnock Village Preschool we believe in providing play-based learning experiences that stem directly from the interests of the children. We believe in fostering strong, positive relationships with the children through nurturing their natural curiosity and creativity. We want our preschool to feel like a second home to our families and aim to provide a warm, welcoming, inclusive environment. We also acknowledge that we are teaching on Wiradjuri land and pay respects to elder's past, present and emerging.

In relation to the Educators

Our educators offer a high standard of education and care, providing interactions that support the uniqueness and creativity of each child in the service. Their role is to guide the children to reach his or her full potential through providing a sound base for the future learning and development. The educators are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework Australia, The National Quality Standards, The Early Childhood Association Code of Ethics, and our services policies to ensure we stay compliant and up to date on the everchanging knowledge in our profession. We are constantly reflecting on our practices to make our preschool the best it can be.

In relation to the Children

We believe that every child deserves the right to feel a sense of love, encouragement, safety and warmth to grow and develop into active members of the community. We will foster the needs of the children through creating a welcoming environment that encourages the children to express their creativity, imagination, confidence and individuality. The children need the opportunity to explore and play in their environment both inside and outside. At Cumnock Village Preschool we believe children are diverse individuals who develop at their own pace.

In relation to Families

Our families are the primary care givers to the children in our service and it is very important to us that we support and encourage them through open communication and the building of strong, connective relationships. We believe in listening to the needs of the families and offering support by sharing resources and knowledge in a professional manor. Our families are encouraged to be as involved as possible through preschool, community and fundraising events.

In relation to the Community

We believe that the community is the heart of our preschool and that it takes a village to raise a child. Not only do we support and encourage involvement from members within, but we as a preschool also play an integral role in the community. We value all input and welcome the new and old connections we have. We recognise that diversity contributes to the richness of our whole community and honour local history, local aboriginal land, individual histories, cultures, languages and traditions.

In relation to the Environment

At Cumnock Village Preschool we understand that the environment is the third teacher in the sense that the land can be used in many ways to teach many different things. We encourage outdoor play and use the environment every day to offer challenges and opportunities for problem solving, agency, autonomy and to promote the health and emotional wellbeing of the children. We encourage and environment where the children are comfortable and free to take risks and learn through play.

Our philosophy has been inspired and guided by our knowledge of current research, The Early Childhood Association Code of Ethics, The National Quality Standards and The Early Years Learning Framework, the children, the families and the staff at Cumnock Village Preschool.


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