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Term 1 - Tuesday 27 January - Thursday 6 April

Term 2 - Wednesday 26 April - Thursday 30 June

Term 3 - Tuesday 18 July - Thursday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Thursday 19 December


Morning Tea Each child is required to bring a piece of fruit or fresh vegetable sticks for Morning Tea. We encourage children to eat fruit/vegetables first at morning tea before having anything else. Lunch Children need to bring a healthy lunch. A bottle of water for use throughout the day should also be brought along and placed into the drink trolley. Please do not send sweets, chips, chocolatey foods, soft drinks etc. Extremely unhealthy foods will be sent home, and the child will be given an alternative snack from Preschool. Please place lunchboxes into the Fridge provided. Due to the potential risk that peanut and other nut products can cause to some children, we have a 'no nut product' policy within the Preschool. This includes peanut butter, nutella, peanut muesli bars, biscuits and all nuts. Clothing Children are to wear casual 'less than good' clothes, clearly labelled and weather appropriate. It is encouraged that children wear t-shirts rather than singlet style tops or dresses, due to sun protection (see sun safety policy). Children are to wear a wide brimmed or legionnaire style hat (no caps) all through the year and practical shoes (sandals, joggers etc., no thongs) that allow freedom in physical activities. The Preschool has a limited supply of spare clothes, therefore it is suggested a full set of spare clothes be packed. Preschool can sometimes get very messy and accidents do happen. Sunscreen Preschool provides suncreen for use by all children. In summer please apply suncreen upon arrival as we go outside first thing in the morning to beat the heat. If the children go outside again, staff will be responsible for ensuring that all children apply sunscreen prior to this time. Please clearly label all of your child's belongings and possessions. It is appreciated if your child leaves their toys and other possessions at home. Any possessions brought must come entirely at the parents' own risk with regard to breakage or loss. Your child will be offered opportunities to bring special items along during term as part of our planned experiences such as news.


For safety and security, ALL children must be signed in on arrival and signed out on departure. The time must also be noted. No child will be allowed to leave the Preschool with a person other than the parents or authorised persons stated on the enrolment form, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director. If someone other than yourself is to collect your child, the Director must receive a written note or phone call giving authorisation. Children are never to enter or depart on their own. All children must be collected before 4pm. Travel to Preschool by bus is a private arrangement made between parents and the bus service. Responsibility for children travelling to and from preschool must be accepted by the parents. For children who will be travelling to preschool by bus it is a requirement that the parent sign a bus permission form found within the enrolment form prior to the child's attendance at preschool. It is a parent's responsibility to inform the Director if travel arrangements alter. Please arrange with your bus proprietor if your child is to travel by bus. Please ensure that he/she knows when and if your child will be travelling. Bus proprietors may charge for the preschooler's travel. Bus drivers will collect children from the preschool premises. The bus proprietor: Lou Spicer 63677 260


Excursions offer children the opportunity to extend/deepen their knowledge and understanding of interests and of their local community. You will be notified of all excursions before they occur by a way of a note. We will require a permission note for each child signed by a parent and returned promptly for all non-routine excursions. Your child will also be included in short walking trips about town, your signature is only required once for these routine excursions and is asked for on your child's enrolment form. A ratio of 1:5 adult to children will be maintained at all times whilst on excursions


Each day is planned to offer a variety of experiences and follows a time frame that provides structure to the child's day. This routine is displayed in the room and changes due to seasons of the year. It is of course flexible, dependent on the involvement of children at experiences or due to weather conditions. A developmental and educational programme is provided for the children each day, designed to stimulate each individual child's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language and creative potential. Curriculum areas such as science/maths, fine/gross motor experiences, pre-reading/writing, art/craft, construction, music, drama and story telling will be included.


Illness and Accidents: The Director is to be notified if your child is to be absent due to illness. Please also notify the Nominated Supervisor if your child has contracted an infectious disease. Children with contagious illnesses are required to be kept at home, and not to return to Preschool until the infection has been treated and can no longer be passed on. Refer to the NSW Department of Health Infectious Diseases Chart for more information. The Director may also request a medical certificate before your child is allowed to return to Preschool after an illness. In the case of an accident or illness at Preschool, the Director will endeavour to contact the parents immediately and, where necessary, seek medical assistance. Any expenses will be the responsibility of the parents. Please ensure your workplace, home phone and mobile numbers are up to date on the preschool's records. Medication and Medical Conditions: Staff will be able to administer medication to children who are recovering from an illness (provided the child is well enough to return to Preschool). All medication must be handed directly to a member of staff and a medication form must be completed and signed by the parents before any medication will be given. All prescribed medication must be in its original container that includes information about the dosage and use by date. It must be prescribed for your child - unless stated otherwise by a doctor's certificate. ALL medication requires a medication form, ie. tablets, mixtures, creams, doctor and non-doctor prescribed medication. If your child has a diagnosis of Anaphylaxis or Asthma, you will need to complete an action plan in consultation with your doctor. The forms are available at the Preschool. All staff will be made aware of your child's condition and when they are in attendance at the centre, notification will be put on the noticeboard. If your child has an undiagnosed condition that staff need to be aware of, please complete a medical action plan to keep on your child's file. These need to be updated as your child's medical needs change. Immunisations: Please provide details and a copy of your child's immunisation records to be kept on file at the Preschool. If your child is not immunised, please provide the Preschool with a letter from the doctor. Please be aware that any child that is not immunised will need to be excluded from the centre if an outbreak of illness should occur. Child Protection: The staff at Cumnock Village Preschool are mandatory reporters. We are mandated by law to report to the Department of Education and Communities, any forms of abuse observed towards children in our care. We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for all children that is free from bias, humiliation and harm. Should you have any concerns about the safety, welfare or wellbeing of your child in our care, please talk to the Nominated Supervisor. Any reports of abuse made against a staff member will be reported to the Ombudsman. Emergency and Evacuation: Please note that our room plans for emergency evacuation procedures are displayed at each main exit. During the term we will practice these procedures with your children so that they are well prepared for any emergency that may arise.

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